4 Things that Make Life Difficult in Somalia

Poverty and hunger
Poverty and hunger caused by years of repeated drought, famine, and war among others continue to plague the country. The famine of 2010-2012 has killed over 200,000 people.

Ranked as the most failed state by Foreign Policy and The Global Fund For Peace, Somalia has no central government to speak of that can maintain law and order. Lawlessness including a reputation for being pirates’ haven on top of all the infighting and tribalism is causing a lot of instability that affect the daily lives of its people.

Literacy rate in Somalia is just a little over 37% for its entire population. Illiteracy among women is rampant. Many school-aged children end up learning how to use guns instead of getting education in schools.

Health and Life Expectancy
The average life expectancy in Somalia is pegged at 51 years. Famine and diseases like diarrhea, malaria, rabies, and more pose health problems that put the lives of many Somalis at risk.

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